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[IP] A positive story about school

On Friday while I wasn't home, the health aid (she only works at this school
2 or 3 times a week) from Eve's school called and left a message an our
answering machine. She was telling me that Eve's bg was 306 before lunch and
how erratic it has been all week( 71 to 306) and if I knew this. Of course I
knew what Eve's bg's were this week (we have been having problems with her
lunch #'s). I decided to call the aid back and let her know that I did know
the #'s, and I was deciding on what to do about them.  The health aid was
also concerned b/c Eve didn't feel well on Wed. (came to school late and
left early, sick, long story)  and when she asked how she felt today (Fri at
lunch ) Eve gave her a funny answer. I told her I was picking Eve up after
school today (Fri.), she wasn't riding the bus. I was telling her with gym
and recess before lunch it was hard to figure out basal rates. At this point
I was thinking, this lady doesn't know a hill of beans about diabetes, she's
just a lady that the school hired that knows first-aid.

Well, her response was "I know how hard it is, my husband has diabetes",
(wow, she understands) then she starts telling me that her husband just
stated on his pump last week. She's been asking Eve questions on how to do
some things on the pump, (they have been having trouble putting sets in). I
told her about the book Pumping Insulin and she was going to order it. I
think that in the meantime I will lend her my copy to get her and her
husband started.

I thought that I would share a positive school story with everyone.

Deborah mom to Eve 12.5
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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