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[IP] thyroid problems/ carmen

>My question is what are the symptoms
> most of you had that have/had a thyroid problem


it took about a year for symptoms to manifest in myself.  I went through a
period in which I thought I was going through turning 40 problems.  gaining
weight  (especially in my face)...fatigue...loss of hair...including my legs
and underarms.  weird periods.  sore achy muscles.  I got strep throat which
I have never had.  my cholesterol went way up and so did my BP.

these are all classic symptoms of hypothyroidism.  essentially, your immune
system starts to shut down.

my voice was deeper...but you don't notice it because all of this happens
veryyyy   gradually.  I was sleeping ALOT>   my mom thought I was depressed
because I would sleep until noon on weekends.  (have never done this since
high school)

if your endo is on top of things, she will do lab work on you .
specifically a TSH done at least once a year.

if not...ask!!!

mom to geneva...also hypothyroid and pumping.  her thyroid stopped working
about a year into having D.  endo palpated throat and ordered tests.

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