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[IP] set issues

It's been rreallly warm lately, hitting as high as 86.
I changed my set yesterday (fully, I've been moving my
needle every 2-3 days but changed the whole thing
yesterday), put it this time on my right side (used
all of my right side trying a new method of rotation).
BG were fine. Went to bed at 143, wake up really
nauseous at 3am, I'm 373 (I hadn't been over 300 in
over 3 weeks:-( ) and I have small ketones (which is
rare, so I knew something was up). Ended up, my site
had come out, yes, that big needle came out! For teh
past week I've just been oputting the pump in my bed
with me (only woken up once tangled in it, and once
with it near my head) and my mom thinks that's the
prob, but I loop my tubing and usually don't move that
much so I would disagree. I'm thinkign it's a tape
issue. I've stopped cleaning sites and maybe if I went
back to skin prep it would help, but clearly the tape
was off. I came down to 160, \and then had probs again
at school ( I had just moved the needle and retaped it
last night, and now I'm out of tape, thank good ness
my new supplies should be here by next friday!) Anyhow
I sky rocketed again. Went to the clinic and did a
shot (I'm starting to wish I had a pen I could just
keep in my backpack) not knowing how much insulin to
do. ACtually asked the nurse, which i never do, but
anyhow she thought 2 at most since I hadn't really
eaten. I did 2, and moved my set and then took it out
all together. BG came down to 138, I got called to the
clinic b/c she was worried b/c I'db een nauseoius all
day and not eating (Insisting I need to eat no matter
what) and made me eat b/c I'd dropped 200 pts in 3
hrs...I had to get out of that situation by telling a
fib so that I could leave without eating, but all
worked out fine. Then, I get home, and did not have
time to change my set, the needle (a 6mm rapid) was
bent and had been shoved in my backpack (bg not high
still b/c I'd been dong shots) and I reshape the
needle (yeah this was a risky choice..) and shove it
in, and use my last piece of polyskin (earlier was my
last piece at school). I had to rush off to work but
I'd planned on rechanging everythign again but in the
end between traffic and finding dinner wasn't able to.
Work, well jeez, painful site, finally check several
hours later, well looky here, all that tape (3 pieces)
are off. I figure it's got to be the heat getting to
my skin. Well the bent needle (which is a 90degree
rapid) I take out, hurts like hech, and move it. Well,
no tape with me (I have shot stuff, a meter and
batteries but that's it for work) so move it where my
waist band is forced to push the set in and hold it
there. I found and used desk tape (that too came off
in a matter of minutes, but...) anyhow, all that, I
hadn't checked bg since 2pm (193) , ate the most
UNhealthy day (boy am I dieting tomorrow!) and I'm 99.
Still set issues, and I'm thinking it's got to be the
heat. Although, i've used my pattern on the left side
of mystomach , so it's the right sides turn but in
desparation I was just jabbing anywhere available, so
I have a zillion red spots:-) 
 Just another interesting day..
 At least for onjce I can say 300 seemed high and NOT
normal, and that I'd been running under 120
consistently for 2 weeks (haven't been able to for a
while), I had set probs in the summer (but I was also
a newbie) but it's got to do with the environment some
how, I am about to put in a new set now, and use skin
tac h b/c that will surely do the trick! And my diet
today flat out sucked, although I did end up having a
very good salad for dinner. 
 Just as the world turns---I guess I'd been having
such good luck with sets something was bound to
happen. Now, I'm going to venture to use my leg which
has never worked with the pump :-)
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