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[IP] D-Tron

There is now a picture and more info on the D-tron 
at:  http://www.diabetesnet.com/insulinpumps.html#Tron

I don't like that they took away the blue buttons but they finaly did make 
it were it detects how much insulin is in the pump.  now you just have to 
pop in a cartridge and it will since how much is in it.

here is a little clipping from the site:

Additional features include an alternate basal profile, easy programming 
for setting the size of bolus steps, vibration and audio notification, a 
visual menu with 0.1 bolus adjustments, precise measurement of residual 
insulin, backlighting, lots of additional memory for basals and boluses, 
etc. The piston, currently reset by hand between cartridge changes, will 
now be built directly into the pump with automatic resetting, as well as 
automatic display of units contained in the cartridge, even when a partial 
cartridge is inserted.
Disetronic will offer prefilled, as well as standard self-filled 
cartridges. Prefilled cartridges will be available with Humalog, with 
anticipation that Lilly can obtain approval for use of Humalog in pumps 
late this year. The prefilled cartridge will be available for use in 
Disetronic insulin pens, although not available for pump use until FDA 
approval is received for use in pumps.

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