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[IP] Re: air bubbles

Recently Melissa Collins <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Subject: [IP] Air Bubbles
> ...The
> problem I am dealing with is air bubbles in the
> cartridge that getting into the tubing.

This is an example of synchronicity: I was planning on posting something
about air bubbles after I finished reading this digest.

Twice now, I've seen bubbles more than an inch long. The first time, I let
it get down close to my QR connection, then primed it out, and all was well.
The second time, I forgot to do that, and ran high BGs for a while. That
bubble was nearly 1.5 inches long (!), which for me represents 3-4 hours'
worth of basal during the day (one inch is about half a unit, right?).

I keep my insulin at room temperature (of course, what that is depends on
what room you're in, but...). I tap all my bubbles out of the reservoir when
I do an insertion (BTW, the SofSerter itself is a darn good tool for this:
you can whack the reservoir a good one without hurting either your
forefinger or the SofSerter: thanks, Natalie!). I inject the bubbles slowly.
I inspect the reservoir and tubing before doing the insertion.

I know air can come out of solution anyway, but more than an inch worth?!
Seems like a lot. And it bothers me that this can happen in a gadget that is
otherwise so reliable. Any ideas?

--Keith Johnson
  email @ redacted
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