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[IP] stripped at camp

subject line got your attention didn't it!!!

curtis wrote of his scary family adventure at D camp last year and then wrote:
>  If she went to camp by herself she would be stripped of 
> her independence. She might have fun though and she may 
> go someday, if she wants.

WHY would she be stripped of her independance if she went alone?  You say she 
carries the glucose, tester and (off topic) phone, so it sounds to me like 
she is one ready-to-roll independant young lady!!  Whether i went to D camp 
or GS camp, or drama camp or a ritzy sports camp for boys (which I did one 
summer - I was the drama counselor...), I did not allow my control to be 
taken away, and especially NOW that I have a pump and test my blood.  all 
those years at camp I was on mere injections and haphazard pee checks - which 
I NEVER did in the horse camp outhouses, so you KNOW how infrequent they 
were.  TODAY, knowing what I do and having the technology, if I was to go to 
camp, I don't even think I would introduce myself to the camp nurse!!!

>  The whole idea of camp is to make a break from Mom and 
> Dad, be on your own, grow.

EXACTLY...so your statements are kinda contradictory...but I still like you 

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