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Ruth wrote:
>  well thank you sara!! a hundred times. this is just about the 
>best "pro NON diabetes camp" missive I have ever read.

LOL I thought SURE I was gonna get flamed for this post!!!  I sure don't mean 
peopple CAN'T have fun at D camp and maybe there ARE some with horses, my 
point was kinda Curtis' point...isnt camp a place to get away...have fun - 
ESCAPE????  and if you can escape with a jar of dex tabs and a meter in your 
horse's saddle bag and an insulin pump tucked into your chaps - then YOU GO 

>  bearskin DID have sleeping under the stars...but no s'mores.

well how many carbs in one graham cracker broken in half...how many in 1/4 of 
a hershey bar and how many in one marshamallow...do the math, do the 
kinda impossible with injections!!

I like the idea of a GS badge fro diabetes care..hell they have em for 
everything else (and I have them as proof!!!)

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