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Re: [IP] pumping iron and pumping!

In a message dated 03/10/2000 8:53:56 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< o, we disconnected while he did it, and did 50% for an 
 hour after and we will see soon how it did.  What do most people do?? >>
I also pump and pump iron.  Of course, I'm not as young or lean as Kevin.  I 
make sure to pump about an hour after a meal so I'm on my way up with bg 
instead of down.  I don't disconnect or usually even lower my basal.  I work 
out with my husband, and we usually do 5 sets with increasing weights and 
decreasing reps on each machine.  By having a partner, you rest for a minute 
or two between sets and your heart rate comes back down at least partially 
each rest.  If you don't have the rest between sets your heart rate stays up 
and of course this would lower your bg the same way aerobic exercise does. 

I do find that on days I lift, I have to lower my basal about 4-5  hours 
later by about 25%.  Example, pump iron from 1-2:30, lower basal at 4pm until 
10 pm. I think it is because of the muscles being stressed and rebuilding.  
Anyway, for whatever reason, this seems to work.

Good luck, sounds like he's excited!
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