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[IP] Re: Stress test

mabbott said :  >>>I have to have a Persantine Thallium done (snip)>>>

Then I  said: >>>>I am not familiar with the test your refer to (snip)>>>

Then Michael Weiss  said  >>>Is that test also known as a Thallium Stress
test?  If it is the same one I,  didn't have to take my pump off (snip)>>>

Now I'm thwapping my forehead. Jeeze. This is proof of that dementia thing.
I have had this test (the super duper version with the two scans, one before
and one after exercise) and I did wear my pump throughout, so you can lend
even more credence to my post on this point --- if you want too. :^)

Anika, whose mind is a terrible thing disgraced

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