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Re: [IP] Time Spent per Day

In a message dated 03/09/2000 10:09:09 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I think I spend a total of several 
 hours a day/night; probably 3?  My goal is to get it down, down, down, so 
 wonder how much time you who have this pumping thing under control spend 
 doing it?  I need to know the best scenerio?  >>

Here's my best scenario, and probably accurate most days.

Changing a set:  15 min/ every 4th day
Calculating carbs/figuring bolus: 1 min/per meal
Testing 10x day:  2 min/test 
Taking crx boluses:  1 min/ 3-4 x day 
Worry about everything:  24/7
Going to support group:  one evening a month
Keeping my sanity by taking part in this list:  1 hr/day

The biggest time consumer:
Scheduling Dr appt/ going to them/ arguing with ins co:  3-4 hrs/wk

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