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[IP] RE: Alright gang, here's a few more ?'s...

Hi Dawn,
   I'm reliving through you. I actually feel all giggly as you describe
opening your cases. But now, to your questions....

>>>I saw in the video, and in my large storage case for the pump,
that there is a basal profile there for me.  It has all the hours of the day
and the basal increments for each hour.  I am wondering if I can go ahead
and program those in, or is it something that I have to wait for the pump
trainer and CDE to do?  I don't know the protocol on this, just thought I'd
ask what everyone else has done.>>>

I'm not sure which document you are consulting, but I can assure you that no
where in that bunch of stuff is there a basal profile for you. You and your
doctor will be deciding what basal numbers to start with and those will
likely change as you do your basal testing. The basal profiles in the
documentation are samples,  to give you something to play with, which you
are invited to do fearlessly. ;^)  Pop in those batteries and play along
with the video. Do the same for imaginary boluses. Play, play, play...by the
time the Rep (or whoever) gets there to train you, you'll be able to give
them lessons. (It sounds like that will be you. Like you I watched and
watched that video, read and read the manuals, and played and played. By
training time, I was already comfortable with the operation and only
inserting the set remained. Total training time: 2 hours)

>>>Second, I got a box of Smith and Nephew I.V. Prep Antiseptic Wipes.  Is
this the stuff that makes your skin sorta tacky in preparation for the
set?  I am worried about the Tender coming off>>>

Yep, it works like a solvent to clean off the site but leaves behind a tacky
film when it dries. Don't worry about the Tenders coming off. You don't know
if they will yet. I personally have found they stick like cement. In fact,
for me, the glue is so good, ripping off the Tender has replaced inserting
the tenders needle as the least fun part of a set change.

Happy pump prep!
Anika :^)

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