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[IP] RE: being asked to remove pump (was "Persantine Thallium test")

>>>I have to have a Persantine Thallium done. (snip)...They said It would be
better if  I  took it
off.  They wanted to know if  I could use shots what kind of insulin
would I use.   If  I could take a shot I could hook back up to the
insulin pump.  Any  help would be appreciated.>>>

I am not familiar with the test your refer to, however I did just have
X-Rays with pump in place and irradiated and it's still working and I think
I'm familiar with the attitude at your hospital...
   I suspect their reasoning has little to do with the test. A couple years
ago, I was admitted into the hospital for a crisis. I was still on MDI. The
hospital wasn't familiar with UltraLente. They wanted to stick me on NPH.
Why? Because they didn't have experience with UltraLente. (This was in 1997,
well after the Middle Ages.)
   I refused their NPH and made it stick because I was not about to go
through the roller coaster ride, (remember, they want to stick NPH into a
body that still has half a day of UltraLente coursing through it)  where I
might not be able to correct a low.
    I'm  wagering they want you to take off the pump because they are not
familiar with it. You could verify this by asking why exactly they want you
to remove it. You could  let them know that resorting to shots messes you up
by sticking less predictable long-acting insulin in your system  which has
to be cleared out before you can resume your pump normally. They probably
don't know what they are asking.
   They are probably afraid of your machine. You could explain it to them,
the abbreviated version, or have your Endo explain to them that you know
what you are doing and will handle the pump yourself.   Naturally, it's up
to you. It shouldn't be the end of the world either way, but I think if you
show a little polite stubbornness, you can have it your way.


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