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[IP] bearskin meadows camp/curt

>We were treated like a dysfunctional diabetic family.  had
> to surrender out test kit, were told how to wear the pump.  They didn't
> her to carry her own glucose and tester.  That, we said was unacceptable.
> She carried her Glucose.  Don't get me wrong, we may go back, but we will
> more independent next time.
> She (8yrs) carries, ....etc.


I am going to assume that this happened due to her age?   geneva, who
started at bearskin at age 8 and went for three years, (last year on
pump)...had a different experience.  I don't remember if she carried her
testing stuff.  prob. not.  I think the counselors all have a big backpack
with supplies.   that just frees the kids' hands up for playing and such.
I do know that her counselor was a pumper last summer,  and she helped
geneva quite a bit with figuring out boluses and changing sites.

we never did family camp.

wish I could have been a fly on the wall, though.


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