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[IP] pumping iron and pumping!

Kevin started weight lifting today. He turns 12 on Sunday and that is one of 
the things our gym requires. So, he had his first lesson on the circuit. He 
loved it. We werent sure what to do with the pump and how much exercise it 
would be for him. So, we disconnected while he did it, and did 50% for an 
hour after and we will see soon how it did.  What do most people do?? I know 
the weights he is doing now is little compared to where he will be soon...but 
I'm curious.  Last year on his birthday, he was pudgy and 120 lbs. NOW, he is 
100 pounds and tall! Not an ounce of fat on him. Pumping has really made a 
difference. It is now 10 months. Thank you Michael for having this group!!

Mom of Kevin
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