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[IP] Mom and Dad of Jessica

(snip)WE would appreciate your opinion.

MOM  and DAD of Jessica

email @ redacted  (Snip)
Having served on the Board of Directors of a 311 unit condo (homeowner) 
association for 9 years, I have to present a different view.  If your "by 
laws" say clearly no pets....., then you will have to move, or win in 
court.  I doubt you will win in court.   HOWEVER, if you keep your dog on a 
leash at all times outside, clean up after the pet, and if the dog doesn't 
bark all night or day and annoy the neighbors, you have a really good 
chance of getting the approval of your Association.  What you need to do is 
get the OK from all the units around you.  Like a petition, give that to 
the board, calling it a special exemption for handicap.  If your neighbors 
OK it and you follow the listed "rules" you should have no problem.

You have to understand the Board's point of view.   They work for the 
entire association and have to abide by the by laws.  They may personally 
think it is OK for your daughter to have a puppy, but there those damn by 
laws and they have to have a clear documented reason for breaking them or 
the other homeowners will sue the board and you.  It gets to be a mess 
sometime.  Try the petition, approval from neighbors, and I bet it works.

I think having a pet is wonderful, I live in a condo, have a dog who has 
waked me for a low.  We have strict leash laws, and we clean up after our 

Please keep me posted!
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

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