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[IP] Itching at site..sort of a long post

Just a few tips I've learned in the last few months of pumping:

I don't use alcohol or Hibiclens on my skin, (too drying and irritating for 
me).  I just change my site right after a shower.  No probs so far, OK'd by 
my CDE

I use the IV300 dsg with the hole in it first, then insert my softset, and 
then cover with 2 dsgs. of the IV300 without the hole in it.  This protects 
my skin from that awful sticky tape on the wings of the softset, and the 2 
dsgs. keep the tubing from tugging at the insertion site if my pump slips.

I was using my lower abdm, but have switched to above my belly button and up 
closer to the bra line.  For some reason my skin doesn't get as irritated 
there..go figure.

I find that if my skin really gets itchy from the tape, it affects the 
insulin and I run high blood sugars, and need to change the site.  (sometimes 
I've had to do it every day or two)

I have been sick with bronchitis and ran a low grade fever for about 10 days, 
yet with the pump I was able to keep pretty good control and all my labs were 
nl. when I ended up in the ER.

I am so thankful for that.  In the past 25 years of shots, it was so hard for 
me to control my diabetes when I was ill.

Thanks for your time,
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