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[IP] About camp


I think I LIKE you.

We went to Bearskin meadows last year for Family camp.  Had a great time,
took the grandmas with us too.  We were a bit put off by the CONTROL that
was put on us.  We were treated like a dysfunctional diabetic family.  had
to surrender out test kit, were told how to wear the pump.  They didn't want
her to carry her own glucose and tester.  That, we said was unacceptable.
She carried her Glucose.  Don't get me wrong, we may go back, but we will be
more independent next time.

She (8yrs) carries, glucose tabs, tester, glucose gel, and an (off subject)
cell phone everywhere and always.

If she went to camp by herself she would be stripped of her independence.
She might have fun though and she may go someday, if she wants.

The whole idea of camp is to make a break from Mom and Dad, be on your own,

Curtis Lomax

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