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[IP] Ice cream sundae high!!

Yes, it does seem like there is an slow conversion going on.  We have seen
that at big meals or for large bolus meals that the digestion goes much
slower than the insulin.  For instance, a good sized bowl of pasta with
butter at Frankie, Johnny, and Luigi too.  we carefully weigh the past and
bolus.  Now there was some butter on it, so the second time we subtracted
some.  Any way we consistently go low after then way high, of course.

So now when we go for a large meal we bolus 1/2 the amount and test in 1.5
hrs.  If we test often enough we see a period of flat numbers that start to
climb straight up at about 3 hrs after the meal.  We have rarely been bold
enough to bolus enough at this juncture to keep up with the climb, so we
chase it through the night.  We will believe one day.

So, there is a possibility that he went down fast enough to trigger the
liver to dump sugar.  Add to that the delayed fat metabolism and a largish

Like I said in my private post, just have to eat another Sundae to find

Curtis Lomax

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