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Re: [IP] pumping in Maui

>Maui in
> > May. What should I expect? I imagine lower #'s due to extra
> > exercise. What about the heat and water?

geneva did fine at sanibel island,  FL in november, when the temp was so hot
that we needed a/c in the condo.  (80's)

she spent the entire time in the pool and gulf.  disconnected for both.  as
long as several hours.  her BGs were terrific.  she got lowish...around
70...from activity and heat from pool water.  (by the way..her warts on her
fingers that have been plaguing her for two years disappeared from the hot
pool water!!!)

we brought double supplies...and a baggy for ice in case she needed a site
change...which she did...right before plane took off in airport.  (site

allow extra time for air travel in case a site change is needed!

humalog is fine in the heat.  100 degreee weather in utah last summer and
las vegas!!!  no problems with pumping.  the heat actually causes geneva to
run really normal BGS.

mom to geneva, almost 11
pumping since june  '99

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