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Re: [IP] Alright gang, here's a few more ?'s...

Ah, it was very fun to get this package, alas I'm sure the only one that
will cost more than our car (car is worth about $800.00, but is a good
little 4WD vehicle.  lol).    Sounds like there won't be a problem with the
set sticking, so we'll see what happens!  Melissa, my pumps are from
Disetronic if that helps.

The whole basal thing is not something for ME.  I just got off the phone
with my CDE, who said the sheet should correspond with the factory set
basals.  Oops.  I also found out that training might be sort of iffy right
now, I guess my trainer quit, and they don't have someone full in her spot
as of yet - someone else is covering for the trainer, and is apparently very
busy.  My CDE was a little upset about it, she said she understood why there
wasn't anybody to train me - it's not the company's fault, but she said it
is really unfair for me to not be using them RIGHT NOW because I am ready
for it.  She was sure that the both of us would have been contacted already
to do the training, instead she has been calling and calling to see what we
can do.  The CDE may have me train with her, and then do the rest of the
stuff when the trainer comes out (I sometimes feel like I am a schnauzer or
something, 'trainer' and 'training'?   Hooooowwwwwwwlllll).  VBG   That is a
great idea about training myself with the numbers just to get used to it.

Thanks you guys!
Dawn, who is feeling like a chihuahua right now, but doesn't mind.  :)

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