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Re: [IP] Ice cream sundae high!!

>Do you think it was the sundae
> or the site?  I'm really getting tired of the sites not lasting very long.


we are finding that after pumping for almost 9 months that many of geneva's
highs for several hours after bedtime are NOT site related...but food
related.  specifically fat related.

once again...last night,  geneva was in the 300-400's from girl scout
cookies.  this time, the thin mints.  I know it is the cookies because after
a shot and another bolus at 2 am....she crashed to 65 at 4 am.  all morning
at school she was normal.

I am sooo hesitant to let geneva eat anything prior to bedtime except fruit,
airhead type candy,  lowfat cookies,  etc.   it just shows up later if she
eats any of the high fat things.  in the ice cream sundae case...I am not
sure if it was the ice cream or combo of fudge sauce.

anyway....just keep it in mind that fatty foods after dinner will wreak
havoc on BGS later throughout the night.



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