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Subject: [IP] Alright gang, here's a few more ?'s...

Hi Dawn,
Isn't it fun to get $5000 packages in the mail?  I'm reading your post after
just getting back from the health club.  Jenna uses the IV Prep and Tenders.
She was in the pool for an hour, then the hot tub for 15 or 20 minutes or so
(disconnected during this), but the Tender was stuck on just fine at the end
of all this.  Very rarely, she has a site come loose, then we use Tincture
of Benzoin, which someone here on the list calls Gorilla Snot (great visual
image, huh?), but I think is really liquid airplane glue, and will make
anything stick to anybody.  I don't think your hour tub lounging is likely
to be a problem.

I'm curious how you got basal profiles in your case - our endo set those,
maybe your endo sent them in?  I'd sure question how they came up with those
before I just started them.  But, there's no harm to programming them in,
it's good practice, and if they're not the real ones, you can reprogram it

Nancy Morgan

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