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Re: [IP] Jessica, her puppy and the condo assoc.

the administrative judge that presided in
>this case disregardeed 5 doctors recommendations
>(Dr Nemery,Dr.Serrat,Dr.Rub,Dr.Delemeator and Dr. Rappaport) it became a
>legal exercise and ruled against us, and worst is she said "The evidence
>presented by  the commission is insufficient to establish that Jessica is
>handicapped because there is no evidence that she is substantially limited
>any mayor life activity as result of her impairment" The commission failed
>presen evidence says the judge to establish any restrictions on Jessica's
>activities as a result of her diabetes. The judge olso said that her
>condition is corrected by medication(insulin and we know that this is
>a life suport) and once corrected does not present any impairment that
>substantially limits a major life activity.

>The limitations and problems diabetes causes,and the tragedy of all this is
>that these children look so healthy, that just by controling and injecting
>insulin they can live "Normal Lives"according to the judge's opinion which
>course you know is horrendous an scary
>(just think about the the allocation of funds for cure research).
>We are goig to appeal this decision at the recommendation of the committee
>human relations.we know we have an uphill and costly battle but they just
>don't get it.

Parents of Jessica,

What the judge apparently does not get is that diabetes IS considered a
handicap, fair, square, & legal.  I know that each year I am required by my
employer, a public school system, to fill out a survey that lists any
handicap I have...diabetes is very definitely on there!!!  Also, many states
have laws - some very strict - requiring diabetics to jump through any
number of hoops in order to become licensed drivers, due to this handicap.
There are also laws & restrictions pertaining to things like getting a
pilot's license...others on this list most likely know more than I do on
this one, but what about the armed forces & their stance on it?

I hope you receive a lot of info. & backup on this from IP people...& give
Jessica AND her lifesupport partner a hug from us!!


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