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Re: [IP] bringing down a high

> michael wrote
> >  there is another way that is both fast and can cancel the above 
> >  message to the liver. Bolus for hbg + meal -- when bg's hit 150 -180, 
> >  eat. 
> I would say great, as long as you KNOW the food you are eating is
> going to take effect BEFORE you start sliding into hypo land.  If
> you hit 150 oming down from 350, having taken a bolus for the High
> and the Meal, and eat scarmbled eggs and bacon, and no fast acting
> carbs, 
aaahhh..... Sara?? there are no carbs at all in eggs and bacon. There 
would be no additonal meal bolus to take.

> what prevents the previously bolused insulin from continuing
> to drop you down....invoking the liver response before the eggs and
> bacon can have an affect....causing a rebound....boing boing
> boing???
Absolutely nothing if you are foolish enough to do this. Might as 
well take a big bolus and not eat at all..... com 'mon girl -- you 
need some Ben and Jerry's ya must be low. <vbg>

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