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[IP] Jessica, her puppy and the condo assoc.

Do any of you have experience with your dog alerting you or another family 
member when you have had a hypoglycemic reaction?  The following was sent to 
me by some people I met when their daughter was first diagnosed with 
diabetes.  They really need some help to be able to keep their daughter's 
dog.  Any advice that you can provide, will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.  They are 
not members of IP, as far as I know, so I am asking you to cc them directly 
as well. Thank you so much for your support.  Ellen

Subject: Jessica the Condo Assoc.and her puppy.
Date: 3/9/00 4:16 PM EST
From: <A HREF="aol://3548:ZGabor">ZGabor</A>@AOL.COM

Jessica  our daughter came into our lifes when she was two days old and at 
age three and a half diagnosd with diabetes it  was a shock for us, dealing 
with this sitution was extremely difficult(we are no young parent and Jessica 
is the only child et home) her doctors came up with the idea to buy her a 
puppy that it would do wonders for her
(Dr.Nemery called it a therapeutical pet in her letter to the condo) to deal 
and COPE with the situation and it really did.
We were threatened by the Condo Assoc.to be sued in that endeavor we were 
backed up by the Committee for Human Relations"State of Florida".
The above committee after investigation concluded that it is a clear case of 
discrimination against handicapped child.The case was presented by the 
committee to a Administrative Judge an we have spent the last 4 years in 
court whit this stuggle,finally the administrative judge that presided in 
this case disregardeed 5 doctors recommendations
(Dr Nemery,Dr.Serrat,Dr.Rub,Dr.Delemeator and Dr. Rappaport) it became a 
legal exercise and ruled against us, and worst is she said "The evidence 
presented by  the commission is insufficient to establish that Jessica is 
handicapped because there is no evidence that she is substantially limited to 
any mayor life activity as result of her impairment" The commission failed to 
presen evidence says the judge to establish any restrictions on Jessica's
activities as a result of her diabetes. The judge olso said that her 
condition is corrected by medication(insulin and we know that this is barely 
a life suport) and once corrected does not present any impairment that 
substantially limits a major life activity.
This means that an educatad person such as this judge does not understand the 
real drama of diabetes,the terrible and substantial limitations it poses in 
every day life.Such that we know all you understand.

The limitations and problems diabetes causes,and the tragedy of all this is 
that these children look so healthy, that just by controling and injecting 
insulin they can live "Normal Lives"according to the judge's opinion which of 
course you know is horrendous an scary
(just think about the the allocation of funds for cure research).

We are goig to appeal this decision at the recommendation of the committee of 
human relations.we know we have an uphill and costly battle but they just 
don't get it.
MY question if somebody have an opinion,if can get some moral support from 
the diabetes community in this case if is a subject to be discussed.

For Jessica this puppy was and is a life support to cope,she sleeps with it 
every night for the last 4 yers and it has really made wonders for her,and we 
 like the treating doctors consider it a tragedy if the puppy will have to 
seseperate from her.
WE would appreciate your opinion.

MOM  and DAD of Jessica

email @ redacted

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