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[IP] Alright gang, here's a few more ?'s...

Okay, I got my box of supplies and One of Two and Two of Two today!  I
watched the video, read the manuals, looked at all the stuff, and have a few

First off, I saw in the video, and in my large storage case for the pump,
that there is a basal profile there for me.  It has all the hours of the day
and the basal increments for each hour.  I am wondering if I can go ahead
and program those in, or is it something that I have to wait for the pump
trainer and CDE to do?  I don't know the protocol on this, just thought I'd
ask what everyone else has done.

Second, I got a box of Smith and Nephew I.V. Prep Antiseptic Wipes.  Is this
the stuff that makes your skin sorta tacky in preparation for the infusion
set?  I am worried about the Tender coming off, since I like to lounge about
in the tub for an hour every morning (no not hot water,) and we live off of
a very large lake here in WA state, where we spend a lot of time during the
summer.  I know it's probably a trial and error type of thing to see what
works best.

So, for now, I am going to go and absorb all I can from the manual (again).
Thanks for everyone's help!

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