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[IP] Ice cream sundae high!!

Am getting frustrated over here. Yesterday Kev changed his site in the 
morning to his back side and usually we can get about 1 1/2 days. His bgs 
were awesome and then we went out for a huge ice cream sundae near 9:30 PM.  
His bg was 119 before he pumped 4 units for the ice cream sundae.  We checked 
him at midnight and he was 265.  Thinking we didn't calculate the carbs that 
well, we corrected with 1 unit (endo wants him at 150 thru the night). Got up 
at 3 am hoping he had come down and was up to 400. Corrected with a shot of 3 
units of H and by 7 am he was still 245.  I didn't want to take any chances 
of highs at school, so changed him this morning (of course, with him 
complaining that it was only a 24 hr site).  Do you think it was the sundae 
or the site?  I'm really getting tired of the sites not lasting very long.

Linda, mom to Kev
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