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Re: [IP] 48 hours since an injetion!

     Glad to hear your first ride on the "Pump Bandwagon" has gone so 
smoothly.....You're right that it won't always work so well, but I think what 
was so awesome for us when Melissa first started on the pump was simply 
knowing that it WAS possible to see bgs like that....The second nice 
realization ( corroborated by many who post here at IP) was that her entire 
mood/outlook/demeanor changed when she was no longer walking around with bgs 
in the 200s as often!.....
   As for thanking ME, for those who don't recall the story, unlike so so 
many kids who are admitted to the ER upon diagnosis with bgs in the 700s or 
higher, Melissa was admitted with a bg of 146......Because years before I'd 
read an article in a local paper about Sharon's diagnosis & it just "stuck" 
with me....I was appalled at how many parents had absolutely no idea that 
excessive thirst & frequent urination were indicative of diabetes~!......

Regards, Renee
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