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[IP] Befuddled by Insurance

I just got a call from Jenny at Disetronic.  She's received my letter of
medical necessity from my endo, and she's ready to go with my pump ok.  Only
thing is, my BC/BS of Michigan insurance doesn't require a pre-authorization
so they can't even go for approval until they have the bill for the
insurance company.  So, next week, I'm getting an H-tron Plus pump (which I
won't use until I'm sure the insurance will pay for it).  Has anyone had
their insurance do this?  Or has everyone's insurance approved the pump
purchase before they got their pumps?  I will have a pump to look at, but
won't be able to use it until the insurance has approved it, since I don't
want to get stuck paying for it myself if they should not approve it.  I
just can't afford it.  I just hate that I'll have it and may have to wait 3
or more weeks until I can use it.  Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Can't they just make
life a little more simple?


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