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Subject: [IP] pumping in Maui

Oooo, Cari, I am sooooooo jealous!  I don't think you have to worry about
the insulin in Hawaii - my understanding is that the tropical breezes keep
the temp there a pretty steady 80 degrees or so.  But, last summer was a
scorcher in North Carolina, Jenna was at Diabetes camp in July and the temp
was over 100 degrees EVERY DAY of camp, and they were in un-air-conditioned
cabins, so no break from the heat - and the insulin did fine.  Also spent a
week at the beach, not quite so hot, but still bright sun and hot enough,
with no insulin problems.  Incidently, at the beach, Jenna forgot to put the
red tappets into the top of her D pump, and at the end of the week, there
was so much sand and salt down in the insulin cartridge chamber, we had to
pry the old cartridge out with a table knife - but the pump was still
working.  We sent it in for an inspection, and the technicians found it was
fine.  So, don't worry a bit about the pump in the sand or the surf.

I think the easiest bathing suit suggestion is to get some velcro, and sew
it to the edges of the pockets so that they stay shut.  You won't have to
worry about the pump going anywhere, and it'll be easier than any of those
dumb-looking belt things.

Nancy Morgan

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