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Re: [IP] Time Spent per Day: My Take

We have a saying on here YMMV meaning what works for one may not be right
for another.
It has nothing to do with being efficient. We each have our own ways and
neither are wrong or right. It is just our ways.
And what difference does it make to you or anyone how long any of us take
to take care of ourselves and taking care of our diabetes? 
I take over 20 minutes to change my site. My BG machine takes 45 seconds to
just read my BGS. I log I count carbs and measure. I change my site every
48 hours. I have my own reasons for doing so..And as I said YMMV:) 

At 08:24 PM 03/09/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>> Jef Lepine wrote:
>> > testing 8-10 times/day about 20 sec. each test = 200 sec./day
>> For me, each test is longer than that, because I need to go get the
>> meter (or go to the meter), get it out, put in the strip, prick my
>> finger, apply blood, wait for result, dispose of strip, stop finger
>> bleeding and put meter away. Call that 5 minutes. If I test 8 times a
>> day, that would be 40 minutes, right there.
>I may have undershot here, but for me, it's always under one minute.
>Thanks to the Fast take.
>> > set changing, 5 minutes every 2 days = 150sec per day
>> Well, if I'm changing the reservoir and tubing, then I'd say it's more
>> like 20 minutes, again, because I have to go get the insulin, get out
>> the supplies, fill the reservoir, tap out the bubbles, prime the tubing,
>> get the reservoir in the pump, clean my belly, insert needle, hook up
>> tubing, remove needle, prime cannula, and dispose of waste. I change
>> every 3 days (unless I have a bad site, like the one that's in right now
>> -- I should be changing it instead of typing!), so that's about 7
>20 minutes? Really? I have all my supplies in one area, the bathroom
>cabinet, the insulin stays in the medicine cabinet. I can fill reservoir,
>tap out bubbles, prime, and while the pump is priming, I have time to
>clean, stab, and dispose of waste. I can usually have the whole thing done
>in about 2 minutes if I don't have too much trouble with stabbing.
>Ah well, here's to being efficient :)

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