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[IP] Re: treating highs and FREE CELL

Nancy wrote
> Agree with the Free Cell.  You however, have either had more lows than me
> maybe just more time.  I too, started to play about a year ago starting
> # 1 and going in order and I'm only on 860.  I wouldn't move on until I
> the darn thing.  I know this is off subject but which one did you find
> unbeatable?

Game 617.  And ok I admit I don't play only when hypo,  but  whenever I
switch from one mental activity to another.  I read and write in both
English and French and sometimes I need to make my mind blank before I can
move on with my work.  However I have come to recognize that I do have
hypoglycemia unawareness  and so if I find myself playing compulsively and
start losing too many games, I know it's time to test my blood.

Denise Guerin
 Type1 45 years

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