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Re: [IP] Time Spent per Day: My Take

> Jef Lepine wrote:
> > testing 8-10 times/day about 20 sec. each test = 200 sec./day
> For me, each test is longer than that, because I need to go get the
> meter (or go to the meter), get it out, put in the strip, prick my
> finger, apply blood, wait for result, dispose of strip, stop finger
> bleeding and put meter away. Call that 5 minutes. If I test 8 times a
> day, that would be 40 minutes, right there.

I may have undershot here, but for me, it's always under one minute.
Thanks to the Fast take.

> > set changing, 5 minutes every 2 days = 150sec per day
> Well, if I'm changing the reservoir and tubing, then I'd say it's more
> like 20 minutes, again, because I have to go get the insulin, get out
> the supplies, fill the reservoir, tap out the bubbles, prime the tubing,
> get the reservoir in the pump, clean my belly, insert needle, hook up
> tubing, remove needle, prime cannula, and dispose of waste. I change
> every 3 days (unless I have a bad site, like the one that's in right now
> -- I should be changing it instead of typing!), so that's about 7

20 minutes? Really? I have all my supplies in one area, the bathroom
cabinet, the insulin stays in the medicine cabinet. I can fill reservoir,
tap out bubbles, prime, and while the pump is priming, I have time to
clean, stab, and dispose of waste. I can usually have the whole thing done
in about 2 minutes if I don't have too much trouble with stabbing.

Ah well, here's to being efficient :)


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