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[IP] a low story

I thought I'd throw in one of Paddy's low stories....

He is a sleepwalker when he is low.  Boarded up the stairs and

He got up one morning, got dressed in SEVERAL layers including winter
clothes( no snow, warm outside), came out with a bag and started packing
things.  I was pretty much ignoring him as he likes to be ignored in the
am for the first few minutes.  And he always wears costumes and pretends
he is going places.  Gotta love that imagination.

He then comes to me and declares he is going to the "North Pole " to
search for elves.  Not just ANY elves, mind you--a SPECIAL Nymph elf.  

"and you can't come with me.  I mean it."


silence......I stopped to look at him, deadpan..
"You'd better take a sandwich."

"oh, good idea."  and off he went to the kitchen.

At this point I started to follow him around, going to get a drop of
blood cause he looked a little dopey.

I got some blood and he was ticked off at the intrusion. 
I decided to change my tack---"You'd better practice in the yard first,
so you know how to go exploring....how bout a snack for the trip?"

"You are right..I would not want to peek behind a bush and see a dead


(Glucose tablets)

"I am going to need a net."


"They aren't mean but they are tricky"

"I see."  raised eyebrow.

Then he gets out a trillion sheets of paper, tapes them end to end and
starts drawing a map for himself.  Then he asks where the North Pole is
on the Globe.  

I promised to call the library if he drank some juice...so I call, and
ask where it is supposed to be....nowhere--LIKE DUH---maybe I WAS LOW,

So I settled for making some land in the water where "North Magnetic
Pole" was printed by using white out on the "magnetic"  so now we have a
globe with a white blob and the words "North Pole"

Then he sat down, toppled over in the chair, slept for about 10 minutes
and woke up with no memory of it!

Charisma :)
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