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Re: [IP] Persantine Thallium test

In a message dated 3/9/00 1:08:55 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>I have to have a Persantine Thallium done. I was wondering if anyone
>has had it done.  I need to know if I can keep the insulin pump on.

I had a Thallium stress test done prepump -- it does involve xrays, so the 
pump would have to be removed for that portion of it.  (with the exercise 
stress test, the xrays were done more than once).  I can't see how having the 
persantine IV drip would affect the pump.  You will have ecg electrodes 
attached - don't think that would affect the pump, but could the pump affect 
them?  Maybe you could just disconnect and take a bolus every hour to equal 
that hour's basal, at least if you are using a plastic infusion set like 
sils/tenders or sofset.

Linda Z
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