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Re: [IP] Time Spent per Day: My Take

Jef Lepine wrote:
> testing 8-10 times/day about 20 sec. each test = 200 sec./day

For me, each test is longer than that, because I need to go get the
meter (or go to the meter), get it out, put in the strip, prick my
finger, apply blood, wait for result, dispose of strip, stop finger
bleeding and put meter away. Call that 5 minutes. If I test 8 times a
day, that would be 40 minutes, right there.

> logging, I don't log. I used to, but I just don't use the data. *

Same here

> set changing, 5 minutes every 2 days = 150sec per day

Well, if I'm changing the reservoir and tubing, then I'd say it's more
like 20 minutes, again, because I have to go get the insulin, get out
the supplies, fill the reservoir, tap out the bubbles, prime the tubing,
get the reservoir in the pump, clean my belly, insert needle, hook up
tubing, remove needle, prime cannula, and dispose of waste. I change
every 3 days (unless I have a bad site, like the one that's in right now
-- I should be changing it instead of typing!), so that's about 7
minutes per day. 

> carb counting, Err, second nature :) Prolly about 1 min/day = 60 sec/day
> correcting/waiting/re-testing.  I'd say this is negligible as well. I
> count this with my normal testing.

I'm pretty lazy about this -- mostly eyeball it, so I'd say 10 sec. per
meal, maybe 30 sec. per day, BUT people who are more conscientious and
weigh and measure things and look them up in the book certainly spend a
lot more time than that.  
Bolusing is about 5 sec. per meal, so make that 45 sec. per day.

> Totals: 410sec/day or approx. 7 minutes per day. Yeah it isn't much, but
> that is 7 minutes I wish I didn't need to spend.

My totals come to almost 48 min per day. That plus pill taking for other

So, yes, I'd say diabetes eats up a significant portion of my day, and
YES I wish I didn't need to spend it!!!! I certainly didn't CHOOSE to
have diabetes, but them's the breaks!!!!!

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