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[IP] Question about lab results

I just received our evaluation from my son's trip to his now-ex endo and his 
yearly bloodwork has me a little concerned.  The T4 mcg/dl is on the high 
side and his cholesterol is 178(mine is lower than that) and he is only 
6-years-old.  His HDL is 65 and the range on my chart says it should be 
35-55.  Anyway, we have never had any results that weren't normal and so I am 
concerned.  He is only a couple of weeks from going on the pump and his blood 
sugars are currently all over the place.  Will these blood work values change 
with better control on the pump or should I be looking at some other 
treatment to help eliminate the abnormal results?  This may seem like a dumb 
question but I am not sure what to do.  Any help would be appreciated.  


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