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Re: [IP] pumping in Maui

> So, here's my question. My brother is getting married in Maui in
> May. What should I expect? I imagine lower #'s due to extra
> exercise. What about the heat and water?
We've been to Maui -- it's not much different than going to the 
beach, river, lake -- wherever your "water" fun spot is.
Extra activity doesn't do nearly as much as time in the water. The 80 
degree water will "suck" the energy out through the skin and 
generally lower insulin requirements. You might find that if he's in 
the water a lot (swiming, not playing in the sand/surf) that he may 
need and extra 10+ grams of carb per hour  -- crackers, candy bars, 
power bars, crackerjacks -- anything will work. If you are lucky, he 
will break even with no pump i.e. no pump, no snacks either. Test 
every hour or so. Keep some glucose handy if he swims to bring him up 
quick if he gets low. BTDT.

> Does the Humalog last as
> long in the heat? 
Not unless left in direct sun or in a pack/container in direct sun. 
It's really not much different than any other insulin in that regard. 
There have been stories circulated about heat ruining Humalog, but in 
5 years of beaches, etc.... we've never found this to be the case.

> What extra supplies should I have? 
Double up on supplies for travel in the event you have more than one 
insertion failure in a row or something really dumb like that.

Keep the medical supplies WITH YOU on the airplane, not in your 
luggage. Cargo holds are not always heated and they do lose luggage 
now and then --- bummer!
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