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[IP] pumping in Maui

Hi there! My son Andrew, 5 yrs., has been on the Disetronic pump since
Sept. We've been very happy w/ his #'s and A1c's. We were a bit
disappointed that it is still a lot of "work" for us but have come to
accept the fact that he is a growing child and this is  just the way it
is..... DARN! (It was MUCH harder on us all on shots!) The pump has made
it sooooo much better for on him, and that's all that really matters to

So, here's my question. My brother is getting married in Maui in May.
What should I expect? I imagine lower #'s due to extra exercise. What
about the heat and water? Does the Humalog last as long in the heat? What
extra supplies should I have? We use the plastic clip but  even at
swimming lessons we find it sometimes falls out of his pocket. Is there a
better choice? We're all very excited but would like to be as prepared as

Thanks! Cari (mom of Andrew, 5 yrs., dx @ 14 mo. living in Tacoma, WA)

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