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Re: [IP] Time Spent per Day

> I'm curious about how much time, on the average, do we pumpers and parents of 
> pumpers spend directly on the management of diabetes (not the worrying, which 
> is all the time still for me): 

testing 8-10 times/day about 20 sec. each test = 200 sec./day
logging, I don't log. I used to, but I just don't use the data. *
set changing, 5 minutes every 2 days = 150sec per day
carb counting, Err, second nature :) Prolly about 1 min/day = 60 sec/day
correcting/waiting/re-testing.  I'd say this is negligible as well. I
count this with my normal testing.

Totals: 410sec/day or approx. 7 minutes per day. Yeah it isn't much, but
that is 7 minutes I wish I didn't need to spend.

* I download all data to my PC and look at it every few weeks to make sure
things are ok.

-Jef Lepine

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