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Re: [IP] Somewhat Discouraged.....

Natalie wrote:

<<Hey, there's a false assumption here -- a LOWER A1c is not necessarily a
BETTER A1c!!!!!>>

I agree 100% with Natalie.  I think a lot of people have a false assumption
that a low A1c means you have good control.  My endo has been on my case for
a long time because on MDI my A1c of 5.2 is way to low for comfort!  I end
up with many lows, sometimes more than 2 per day!  This affects the quality
of my whole life, and is the reason my endo has decided I should try the
pump.  You see, also with the lows comes the highs, and the ups and downs
are not good control either.  But average out those bgs and it sounds
wonderful.  He's hoping that I can stay in a good range of bgs and still
have good A1c's, better than the lows I have now.  BTW, when my last A1c
came in at 5.2, I was so surprised, since I had been trying to bring it up.
I spent the prior 3 months pretty much eating whatever I wanted, but I went
from 5.9 to 5.2!  Go figure...


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