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[IP] 48 hours since an injetion!

I'm bouncing off the walls!  yesterday afternoon we changed my basal from .6/h to .8/h with .7/h for those midnite to 6 hours... and whammo!  ecept for my nighttime sugars (which I knew I needed MUCH higher basals but we're being cautious) I have STAYED between 92 and 126 .. OH MY GOD!!! I know this won't be so easy once I add all the  variables in my life, but this is amazing!  I don't have to wonder HOW much insulin leaked out of my syringe after my shot... I just HAD to jump online to share my excitement... thank you thank you thank you!!!!  (special thanks to Renee for sending me relevent pieces of the digest to encourage me on this route)

IDDM 23.5 years
Pumping 44 hours
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