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[IP] FastTake

Yes, I keep a meter on my keychain.  I keep my keys on a rock climbing clip
(they are somewhat popular right now to do that with) along with my actual
keyring and my ID wallet (I need various IDs at various times, so that is
what works best for me).  The FastTake is in the "new" style case that it
comes in (the old one velcroed closed, this one zips shut and has some
really nice pockets... I usually keep my money in it as well if I don't
have pockets on that day- I got this case last May or June when I got a new
FastTake).  Just a warning, some people have trouble with the accuracy of
the FastTake.  For me, I haven't had any problems (apart from my
occassional typical breaking of one... which is why I keep 3 of them, it
drives me nuts not to have 2 functional ones)


PS I slept through my 3am alarm, woke up at almost the exact same time I
did the morning before feeling low.  I wasn't really low, 71.  Treated with
Lifesavers then went back to bed.  Sigh.  I was hoping to wait to redo my
basals until after Spring Break, but I think I just need to do them now
(which wouldn't be a big deal if I wasn't going on a 5 day canoe trip for
spring break, and they always change each quarter).

To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth
living.  -Alvin Ailey
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