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Subject: [IP] New Pumper

Hi Cara,
Congratulations on getting ready to pump with Hayley.  My (almost) 11 year
old daughter has been doing gymnastics since she was Hayley's age, and has
continued gymnastics (now on a competitive team) since pumping 18 months
ago.  The pump actually helps very  much to keep her sugars level during all
the activity of gymnastics.  We've found that Tenders (aka Silouettes) work
best for my active, no fat kid because they don't pull out easily, and don't
get "squashed in" during tumbling and rolling on them as some of the
straight-in infusion sets can do.  She also has found that using them in her
upper hip makes it so they stick better (because that area bends a little
less than the abdomen), and don't catch on the bar during gymnastics
routines.  She wears her pump in a little pocket that I put on the side of
her leotard (on the inside), and it stays put and doesn't seem to mind the
jarring.  Insertion with EMLA is no problem.  But everyone finds their own
"best set," so don't hesitate to try several.

For clothes without pocket, either she sticks the pump in her underwear or
wears a little elastic belt threaded through the pump case (Disetronics
comes with this, I don't know about MM) under her clothes.  For some
clothes, I've become adept at making a little pocket out of stretchy fabric
and sewing it to the inside of garments.  Doesn't require a seamstress.

Please feel free to write me off the list - but I promise you, there's a way
to wear the pump with everything.

Nancy Morgan

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