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[IP] Re: treating highs and FREE CELL

>  maybe next time, go ahead and let her eat some high protein, just so she
can't say "Mom, I am STARRRRVINGGGG!!!!"  maybe some scarmbled eggs with
cheese, tuna fish, a finger scoop of peanut butter or something...they wont
have too much of an immediate affect on the bg


>>But I loved your suggestions for waiting!>>

>I need to take freecell off my computer...>

Take  Free Cell  off your computer?  Never! It's the greatest game to make
sure that your brain cells are functioning following a hypo.  It's my own
personal diagnostic tool!  If I win three games in a row with no effort I
can drive the car safely after treating a hypo..  If after playing the three
games  I go on  playing compulsively,  my brain is still numb and I'm safer
staring at the computer screen than picking up the car keys.  Oh, by the way
I'm up to game 1447 (playing one year) and so far there is only one game I
have never figured out.  Hmmm I must find it again some day...

By the way, I just switched back to Humalog after pumping Regular for six
months. My bg's are running lower now so I have to be extra careful.  Free
Cell here I come!  :-)

Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years

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