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[IP] Re: New pumper

Congrats on getting the pump! You'll love the flexibility it
offers! There is a newer addition of Pumping Insulin coming out
soon which includes a humalog update. 

As for Tricare Prime, that is what we're on too! Our pump was
approved only 2 days after our dr submitted the paperwork back in
November. I think our copay was supposed to be 85% (the amount
depends on rank) but they actually paid more than that when all
was said and done (no complaints there!) What area of the country
are you in? We are in WA state and at least here, the military
has contracted with Disetronic. That's the one we were going to
choose anyway but I had wondered, if anyone were to ask for a
MiniMed, if they would approve them. Apparently so! I really
think that choice should be the patient's anyway, and not the

Welcome to the list. You'll find a wealth of information and
friendly "faces" here!

Cara said:
The last thing I wanted to share is the fact that our insurance
Tricare Prime, and much to the surprise of everyone we had no
hassel from 
them, they approved Hayley in only 2 weeks and are paying
85%!!!!  There is 
hope for all on Tricare.   I was also happy to find out that MM
is going to 
let us make monthly payments of about $100 for our portion of the
pump cost 
and without any interest.

Take care, Kerri 
"The smarter a man is the more he needs God to protect him from
thinking he knows everything." George Webb (Pima) 1959
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