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[IP] Re: Slow Doctors

Augghhhh!!!  I can relate.  I'm currently setting up appointments to get
a pump, back home in Alaska, from Minnesota.  I tried in Minnesota,
but things worked out better at home ( I don't have a car at college).  I
(as you all know) am full of questions and so many phone calls.  Of course,
I'm in class from nearly 9 to 4:30 each day, or work, so I get messages
to call Dr. X or Nurse Z.  This is by 4 of course.  Or it's dealing with the
three hour time difference if I call AK.  I have resorted to my mother
up the appointments, as she's home for them to reach.
My advice- try lots of people if there is more than one person to talk
to.  I got some very helpful people and some not all at the same place
and I could talk to either about the same thing!
Think of it this way, too, you won't be so eager to get off the pump after
all this work if it takes a while to get used to it!

Just my venting and suggestions.  If anyone on the list remembers
what I should be keeping track of pre-pump so that they can
see what to do please e-mail me privately.  As of right now,
I'm doing blood sugar, insulin, food with number of carbs.  Is
that right?
Thank you so much! :)
dx'd 4/9/97, pumping soon!

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