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Re: [IP] What symptoms promt testing liver/etc?

I REALLY appreciate the answers from all of you(some have been personal) 
We KNOW Paddy had diabetes YEARS before he was diagnosed--until the
80%of islet cells died he was not siagnosed.  But I just always knew it
was off--hi beaviour, eating etc.  He was into doc soooo often.Tehy
refused to do tests then, and still are doing sdo now.  I will talk more
wiht the new endo cause he seemed a resonable persion butwe were talking
bout pump and I did not want to sidetrack too much!
But our old docs wouldnot--I will DEFINITELY push for either testing or
dang valid reasons not to.  I am not gonn alet him suffer if he need
Thak-I am on a run right now of emotiont--got up to test him at 10 and
he was "LO" after gel he was 21.  Waiting  on next test 15
minutes..........biting nails....phamracy would not cover one more
glucagon and I did not have $65.00 !
Charisma :)

email @ redacted wrote:
> charisma wrote:
> >  Why did you [RENEE] do this test in the firstplace--for
> > that matter, why do docs/parents push in  the first palce
> >  led you to be conerned besides the general risk?
> well the number one symptom that would prompt ME to ask a doctor for a
> certain test, would be the diagnosis of diabetes.  That, in and of itself, is
> enough to be concerned about your kidneys, your liver, your heart, your feet,
> your eyes, your thyroid....problems with ONE go hand in hand with problems in
> the other....MOST docs wont do aggressive tests like the floureceine, the 24
> hour urine, the liver panel, the thyroid panel in a "young" or "newly
> diagnosed" diabetic, wrongly assuming these problems take "years" to
> progress.  Melissa only had diabetes a few years I believe when she had plus
> 2000 protein!!!  It took me almost 18 years to get that far!
> It is VITAL that you ask questions and do research.  If your doctor isnt
> doing a test you think you ought to have, discuss it with him.  As an
> example, when Leslie on the list had her angiogram last year, it kinda
> freaked me out cuz we are about the same age, though much too "young" to be
> thinking about heart problems.  So I asked my doctor about it.   He said he
> probably wouldn't recommend a stress test until I was 40, but if I was
> concerned he would set me up.  I said I was just thinking since Leslie wasnt
> 40, AND I did have high cholesterol (controlled by mevacor) and then that
> Sergei Krikov, ice skater who just fell over dead from heart disease, and he
> said he would set it up if I wanted.. I asked if he would have suggested it
> if I hadn't asked about it, and he said maybe...So, i dont have time now (TOO
> STRESSED), but i just wanted to know if he THOUGHT it was something I should
> add to my "list."
> Liver function is a VITAL test....especially if you ahve hypo unawareness.
> What happens when your bg drops more than 40-50 points is the brain sends a
> signal to the liver to dump in sugars, hormones etc., to keep you alive.  if
> your liver function is impaired, a drop from 300 to 250 is no big deal, but
> one of 100 to 50 might be serious.  As I understand it, the liver can lose
> the ability to respond to the brain's signal...that coulsd be a prblem for
> some people with ypo unawareness.  Liver function can be impaired by LOTS of
> things, not just diabetes, and ought to be tested reguarly I think
> so, that is my opinion on we and/or parents ought to push docs for any and
> all tests.  Start capoten BEFORE proteinuria begins, while you are still in
> microalbuminism, and the chances are good you WONT progress any farther,
> according to studies...why wait til kidney function is impaired if taking a
> pill every day can prevent it???
> Sara
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