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Re: [IP] Somewhat Discouraged.....

Carolyn Green wrote:
> I had great A1cs on MDI but with WAY too many lows,
> many with convulsions, especially at night. Since I started pumping, I have
> not had one reaction at night yet, a few highs, but NO Lows. He understands
> this but knows the results will not look that great to the Insurance Co.
> This past week or so I have been keeping my bgs on the lower side of normal,
> often dipping below...just to get that magic A1C number. 

Hey, there's a false assumption here -- a LOWER A1c is not necessarily a
BETTER A1c!!!!!

A good A1c is the lowest you can get WITHOUT too many lows, and
certainly without seizures! As soon as you start talking lows and
seizures, the A1c is TOO low, NOT good!!!!

Maybe your doc needs to write a letter to the ins. co. about what
constitutes good control and a good A1c in YOUR case. 

If YOU know that your A1c is good for YOU, because you're having more
in-range BGs, then you should feel really good about pumping and about
your own competence!!!!


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