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[IP] groveling/whining pumper

I feel the need to grovel/whine a little, and this is the best place, so if
you need to abuse your delete button a little more, do so now.  :-)  Most
of it has very little to do with pumping, or at least the mechanics of it.

I woke up this morning 13 minutes before my alarm went off because I was
58.  After treating myself with Lifesavers and eating breakfast (which I
decided a "good" breakfast would be a granola bar and Hersey Kisses- and I
don't even like Kisses that much... and I only bolus for 2/3 of it).  I
went to get dressed (I had a presentation for one class and I got evaluated
by my supervisor for my clinical... so I had to look nice).  And the outfit
I decided to wear looked awful on me!  Six shirts later, I finally was
wearing something I would stick with but I was very unhappy about it (my
pump is black and the pants I was wearing were dark blue, why I didn't
change my pants I don't know either).  This is VERY untypical for me to
react like this.  Test my blood sugar before going to work, and it was 114.
 I grabbed a vial of test strips because my meter that is on my keychain
was out.  After work I'm still out of sorts about my pump and pants, so I
decide to test (normally I do not care... so I am wondering what is
happening, just nerves from the day or what).  Only to discover I don't
have my test strips with me.  On a normal day this wouldn't be nearly as
big of a deal, but stress usually does something weird (either high or low,
but I rarely can guess which, and it can switch from one to the other) and
I changed the 9am-1pm basal the day before.  Before class starts a
friend/classmate comments on how nice I look.  I explain my morning
(including test strips).  She gets her "mother" tone of voice and tells me
that I need to go home to get it... and that she'll drive me since I don't
know my bg.  Lecture doesn't matter that much if we miss the first part.  I
knew I really did need my strips, I was just being indecisive (one of those
days).  So I go home and get my strips.  During the whole day (apart from
the 58) I range between 104 and 189.  I go to work tonight (different job)
am getting out of the car and see next to my seat, there are my test
strips.  Figures.  At 8:30 pm my blood sugar is 137.   I have a few
pretzels, bolus accordingly.  Before I drive home at 11 pm my bg is 360!
What!  So now I'm up waiting until midnight to see if my correction bolus
works or not.  Arg.  I'm tired and want to go to sleep, but only 20 minutes
to go.  Emailing is always a good way to kill time.

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